The Changing Landscape for Communications Service Providers (CSPs)

Luis Romero // 25 Apr 2016

Words from our CEO, Luis G. Romero: Network function virtualization (NFV), cloud based virtual servers, hosted services, and mobility are changing the landscape of communications service providers (CSPs). The cloud has become the delivery mechanism of these services, tearing down the walls of the geographically constrained legacy architecture. This disruptive change will affect the relationships … Continue reading “The Changing Landscape for Communications Service Providers (CSPs)”

Benefits of a BYOD Program

Luis Romero // 24 Mar 2016

Has your company looked at the possibility of using a “bring your own device” (BYOD) program? BYOD initiatives are becoming increasingly popular, especially with small to medium sized businesses. Pros • Save $$$ • Less devices for employees to keep track of • Smaller phone contracts • Device diversity • Less helpdesk requests Cons • … Continue reading “Benefits of a BYOD Program”

5 Cloud PBX Features that Your Hotel Can Benefit From

Luis Romero // 25 Feb 2016

It’s likely that your hotel already knows that VoIP would be a more cost effective communication service than an on premise phone system. This is absolutely true, Cloud PBX is cost effective when compared with an on premise phone system. However, the cost saving benefits are only the beginning. There are several features available that … Continue reading “5 Cloud PBX Features that Your Hotel Can Benefit From”

Key Benefits of Using Cloud PBX

Luis Romero // 19 Feb 2016

On-premise phone systems are becoming a thing of the past. Businesses are demanding unified communication and reliability that simply cannot be provided using on premise PBX. Has your company made the move? If the answer is no, likely your reasoning is that your current on premise system works just fine. However, are there issues limiting … Continue reading “Key Benefits of Using Cloud PBX”

Cloud Communication Trends

Luis Romero // 18 Feb 2016

Trends change daily. How does your business stay relevant in the ever-changing marketplace? Take a look at the current trends in cloud communication services to see if your business is keeping up. Integration Long gone are the days of multiple solutions for your communication needs. Optivon provides Cloud PBX, Cloud ACD, and our mobile application, … Continue reading “Cloud Communication Trends”

4 Ways Outdated Technology is Hurting Your Business

Luis Romero // 16 Feb 2016

Is your business running on outdated technology?It might have more of a negative impact than you think. Change is difficult, especially if you feel your current technology is functioning without complaint. Below are 4 motivations to make the upgrade as soon as possible. 1. Employee Retention Millennials make up the largest group in today’s workforce … Continue reading “4 Ways Outdated Technology is Hurting Your Business”