5 ways mobile workers can save time and do more.

In today’s world, mobility is changing business. Now you can save time and do more. With the advent of the “always-on” workforce and the proliferation smartphones and tablets, mobile devices are increasingly becoming extensions of the office. Now you can solidify this relationship with Accession Communicator for Mobile.

Accession extends the rich experience found in Cloud PBX to your mobile device. Make and receive calls or easily move them between your desk and mobile clients or handsets. Save mobile minutes, especially internationally. by using WiFi or 3G/4G mobile data channels for calling.

Some powerful features, easy to use are:

  1. Instant messaging integrated with other users in your company
  2. View your entire corporate directory or just the contacts you want
  3. View “presence” status for your co-workers
  4. Use Call Jump to move a call from your mobile device to your desk phone, Accession Desktop, or any number you choose
  5. Optimized user experience enables users to segregate business usage and calls from personal usage

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