4 Keys to Improving Customer Experience

A positive customer experience is crucial in today’s business world. Most of your customers have instant access to a large audience – social media. Cloud based phone systems, such as Optivon’s Cloud PBX, can help ensure that their customer experience is a positive one. Here’s how:

1.Don’t waste your customers’ time.

Use your CRM to its full potential and pair it with Cloud PBX. Customer service agents gain access to previous call notes and other pertinent information as the customer calls in, avoiding repetitive conversations.

2. Create a path of least resistance.

Every customer interaction should be as easy as possible. With Cloud PBX, record a menu that allows customers to select the department they need, instead of being transferred to multiple people.

3. Personalize the experience.

Ask your customers specific follow up questions and give them information that you know will fit their specific needs. Cloud PBX paired with a CRM gives your customer service agents the power to do this, on every phone call.

4. Constantly improve.

Don’t allow your customers to have the same negative experience more than once. Cloud PBX reporting can help your business identify repeat issues and ultimately solve them.

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