Tactics to Ease the Transition to Cloud PBX

Has your business made the decision to upgrade to Cloud PBX? Many companies are making the same decision. In today’s business world there is an emphasis on fast and efficient communication and the on premise phone systems are no longer able to meet those standards. Optivon’s Cloud PBX allows your employees to be connected, from anywhere or any of their devices. The benefits that this provides are exponential.

However, even with all of the benefits of switching from an on premise phone system to Cloud PBX, any business change is hard. Here are a few tactics to ensure that your employees are prepared and content with the change.

Be Transparent
Inform your employees of the upcoming changes. Employee buy in will be smooth if you not only provide them with the news that you’re making a change, but also which factors led you to seek out this change and eventually decide on a solution.

Provide Training
This is of utmost importance! Employees do not want to be left with a new system feeling lost on how to do their job. Set your employees up for success and provide adequate training and time to make the switch.

Be Open to Suggestions
Ultimately your call center agents know the most about what your business needs to run their call center. Be open to their suggestions about which features work best for them.

Any change in your business is difficult, but with preparation it can be a positive experience.

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